For centuries, women across Africa have used pure, natural ingredients to nourish and protect the skin from harsh elements. Luyana Natural Skincare products combine ancient wisdom with modern skincare solutions. Our products are formulated to promote skin health, radiance and vitality without compromising on ingredient safety.


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  • Amazing!

    My skin had been dry and inflamed for weeks before I started using the Moringa facial oil. I am still amazed by how quickly my skin cleared up!

  • Wow!

    I never thought oil would work for my face, so I was skeptical to try it. I was surprised by how quickly it absorbed into my skin without leaving it feeling oily or sticky. My skin is glowing.

  • Great for my sensitive skin

    I don't like strong fragrances or harsh chemicals in my products but it’s really gentle on my skin, and I also really like the subtle nutty scent.